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Been repainting our landrover these past few days! She was a sorry rust bucket before, and now she is just stunning. Still got a bit of work to go, like repainting all her black areas, and the roof rack etc. But it’s going great! Trying to decide if we should put a third coat of paint on her at the moment, still not sure. Waiting for the second to dry and see if she needs it :) 

I forgot all about this piece. After I completed the watercolour version, I decided to get to know the program Photoshop. So I used this as a challenge. I was quite pleased with how it came out, but now I’m pretty sure I could do a better job :P Maybe one day. 

Photos of me are actually quite rare. Joz always seems to get a couple of good ones, I think he’s very good at photographing people. Usually I look fat, weird shaped and uncomfortable in photos but somehow he can make me look like a person haha. Love this one because it was such a beautiful day, and the hill smelt gorgeous because of the heather flowers and the sea. Despite there being about 40 tourists behind us, we found a quiet spot and just sat there with the view. 

Photographer: Joz

Joz, J and I took a picnic to the end of our road. We allowed ourselves to indulge with talk of possible futures. Here is where J and I want to build our house…give us time and it may become a reality! This would be our ultimate spot, it’s sheltered, secluded and has amazing views. There is also a stunning beach just down the hill. I’ve said to Joz that I’ll put a flat above our garage for him but he didn’t seem to pleased about that (especially when I said I wouldn’t pay for an editing suite!). Lol. 

Photographer: Joz

Went up da hill tae bag da pits (peats). Luckily J took his landrover so we were able to fill the back with 26 bags, still got that to come. I’ve really enjoyed the work on the hills, it’s a type of work that makes you feel satisfied at the end of the day. 

And that is my Bun in a Tub….It kinda fell apart when I tried to take it out. :P

Photographer: Joz

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